Can Yaman full interview : I still like and appreciate Demet Özdemir.

Can Yaman full interview : I still like and appreciate Demet Özdemir.

REPORTER: How are you? 

CAN YAMAN: ''I'm fine, how are you? There was a rehearsal of costumes and reading the script today. We talked about the character for about 4-5 hours. We are excited, I hope everything goes well by God's help”

CAN YAMAN: "Military service went very well, everything was nice as it should be. We had to stay at home for a long time.
About quarantine he said ''I have evaluated the quarantine period very well. I tried to use my time in a positive way, I tried to improve myself. I tried to turn this process into positive.''

CAN YAMAN: ''I love OzgeGurel, we get along very well. I hope everything will proceed as it should. We were a very nice team, very sincere, warm. There is good energy that is well fused. I hope everything goes well."

CAN YAMAN: My mom has been doing the tango for many years, she has taught me in this process. I tried to turn the quarantine into a plus, the room was one of them. I learned to play the drums, I tried to learn languages, I made tango and so on. I tried to have a nice quarantine. 

REPORTER: It was said that you will be a presenter. Is there any recent situation about Survivor?

CAN YAMAN: No, that was in September, but his subject and importance didn't exist. Corona could not be allowing this process anyway. Everything was as it should be. So I have nothing to say about it.

REPORTER: Recent incident on the Social media chat ...

CAN YAMAN: ''A totally photoshopped. She made an absurd photoshop. My profile photo has short hair already. If you read photoshop dialogue very carefully, my hair was short, why to say ''I don't cut them'' ? This was nonsense photoshop, I hope it will not be worse. I encounter such strange things once a month.''

REPORTER: About your partner in the "Erkenci Kuş" series, Demet Özdemir, who you claimed to want to make peace with her, also reported as your ex-girlfriend...

CAN YAMAN: "There is no such thing. Demet is very beloved to me. She is my friend.''

REPORTER: Are you talking together?

CAN YAMAN: ''No we are not talking. We didn't met since a long time but she's always special to me. We don't have any issue to solve, we just don't talk but I still like and appreciate her"

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