Can Yaman, very excited about what awaits him after confinement

Can Yaman, very excited about what awaits him after confinement

Can Yaman is taking advantage of this quarantine to do a multitude of activities: from learning to dance tango with his mother, to playing drums like a professional. Besides keeping fit by doing a lot of exercise and learning to speak and write Spanish perfectly. 

In his latest publication on Instagram, he wrote a text in Spanish explaining how much he wants to go back to work and how much he misses his fans. The actor recalled an interview he did on Italian television, and then told us (first in Italian and then in Spanish) what he has in store for him when the quarantine in Turkey is over. We love seeing him so lively!

"Little by little it seems that it's finally getting back to normal, at least a little bit...", has begun to explain Can Yaman. As the actor explains, the filming of his new TV show, Mr.Wrong , begins at the end of this month: "You could say that for us, things are also changing for the better, and that's why the filming of my new series is expected to begin at the end of May". 

In this new production, he will work with the same team he used in the successful TV show 'Erkenci Kus, and he will once again form a TV couple with Özge Gürel, the same team he used in 'Dolunay'.

Looking forward to seeing his fans

Can also says that "I'm very excited that new adventures are starting" and, of course, he's dying to share time with his fans again!
In his words: "I can't wait to get together again in the future with all the fans of my work". Finally, the Turkish actor said goodbye to his fans with "a kiss". How sweet!

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