Demet Özdemir: I sweep very well.

Demet Özdemir: I sweep very well.

Demet Özdemir, one of the popular stars of the last period, made a statement on the quarantine process during a live broadcast in which she participated via her Instagram. The famous actress said, "I respect our mothers and housewives. It is not easy to clean the house, Also, I can't think if a mother is in this process,. I've noticed in the process that I sweep very well," she said

during a live broadcast with Eda Gungor, the Actress talked about her future dreams.Özdemir said: "I have dreams like animals and orphans. The money comes today, not tomorrow.

Talking about the quarantine process, the actress also explained a talent she noticed during this process.

Özdemir said: "I have great respect for our mothers and housewives. It is not easy.. I think I've learned a talent that no one knows about me and I just realized it. In this process, I realized that I sweep very well. "

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