Megan Maxwell tells us about Can Yaman from her new book: It's incredibly morbid.

Megan Maxwell tells us about Can Yaman from her new book: It's incredibly morbid.

Megan Maxwell, a well-known author of romantic and erotic literature, is working on her new book! We know it's called 'What are you waiting for?' and that its main character is physically inspired by... Can Yaman! The story revolves around an attractive pilot who meets a very special person... Want to know more? Megan herself tells us everything!

Can Yaman, star of "his casting"

Megan's stories connect us from the very first moment with her characters. The writer tells us that, before writing a new book, "I choose a little bit the prototype of the man I want to refer to, then I make a casting of men that I can like and that my warriors can like". And this is how we can visualize Can Yaman in his next work...

Megan Maxwell: He's the son of an airline... Imagine, having the figure that he has, tall, with that hair, with that body and that smile, because he's an impressive guy. He's a man used to have all the women look at him with desire, so he likes it but he would also like to be looked at in a different way. And I can't tell you anything else.

You have been inspired by the physique of Can Yaman, why do you think this actor has generated such expectation?

Megan Maxwell: The women and men who have noticed him have eyes in their faces. Logically, he's a man who attracts attention by his height, his body, his smile, his look, his hair, the way he moves... So I think that's what he is, an outfit that he's been able to put together very well in a cocktail shaker and that the cocktail they've offered us has been very explosive.

Describe it with an erotic phrase...

Megan Maxwell: Incredibly morbid.

And the big surprise... Demet Özdemir

And who inspires the female protagonist: "The protagonist knows a person who is different from the type of person she usually knows and, well, often what is different is what attracts you. Well, Megan has confessed that this character is inspired by Demet Özdemir! The author liked so much the couple that formed Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir (Can and Sanem) in the series 'Erkenci Kus' that she had no doubt...

Can Yaman and Chris Hemsworth, your candidates for the jump to the screen

The author confesses that she plans to take some of her works to the small or big screen, since "many of us writers would like to see our work on television or in the cinema", but that with the current crisis due to the coronavirus "everything has stopped".

Nevertheless, he assures that, if he had to decide on the perfect protagonist for his new book, he would undoubtedly love it to be Can Yaman, while for 'Ask Me Anything', the perfect candidate would be Chris Hemswort....

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