More details about the new characters of Mr.Wrong series

More details about the new characters of Mr.Wrong series

Özgür Atasoy-a single, handsome, independent man in his early 30s who has lost faith in love and women, he loves independence just like his name, is rich, well-educated, a troublemaker, and addicted to adrenaline. He has affairs only for a night. He's a bartender and owner of a famous bar-restaurant in Istanbul. Logic is at the forefront of his choices.

Ezgi Inal is a beautiful, simple, and normal girl at her early 30s who grew up in a small town and came to Istanbul to study in college, and didn't return to her homeland. She wants a simple and unpretentious life. She graduated from the faculty of public relations. She's altruistic, advocates honesty, trying to help everyone around. She is a dreamy girl who acts with her emotions more than logic

Nevin Yılmaz-Ezgi's mom. She had unhappy relationships after her divorce, but eventually found happiness in Ünal and married him. She's a woman full of love, cheerful and modern. She runs a breakfast restaurant in Bursa with her husband, Ünal. She loves having fun and traveling. 

Ünal Yılmaz-Nevin’s husband. Nevin is his first wife. He hasn't children, but he loves Ezgi like his own daughter. For many years he worked as a cook on cruise ships. When he fell for Nevin, he chose a more structured life, quit his job, and opened a restaurant in Bursa with Nevin. He's witty, romantic, positive, and enjoys every moment of his life. 

Sevim Atasoy-Özgür and Ebru’s mother. After the death of her husband Nevzat, she devoted herself to her children. She’s rich, but also has vineyards left over from her husband which she manages. Passionate, affectionate, adhere to traditions, is positive, and focuses on details. 

Irem Doğan-She works as a lawyer at the same law firm as Deniz. She's beautiful, smart, ambitious, and can be bad when necessary. There's a huge competition between her and Deniz. She sees men as tools and considers that it doesn't suit her to have long-term serious relationships. Her job is always at the forefront, and she would do anything for her development.

Serdar Öztürk - he is a handsome and successful gynecologist in his early 30s. He makes a career and is the son of a wealthy family. He's ambitious, competitive, and does what he puts in his mind. He's a person who sticks to the details, he always wants to be the best in every field, he's from time to time arrogant and if necessary he lies. Despite the fact that he believes in love, he always puts logic ahead. He has a character who looks forward to the interest. He always has his own priorities, he is tightfisted and he looks at his own shot.

Cansu Akman - Ezgi's cousin. She's 35, a pleasant woman, well groomed, and gives great importance to her appearance. She's responsible for the public relations of the hospital. She's successful in business, communicative, strong, and social. She's dating Dr. Levent, one of the partners in the hospital where she works. 

Levent Yazman - Cansu's boyfriend. He's 40 and a very successful plastic surgeon. He's also a partner of the hospital in which he works. He's well-groomed, meticulous, and a perfectionist. He has a daughter from his first marriage, named Zeynep, she's 9. The adversity that he experienced in his first marriage, and his persistence for his daughter prevent him from getting married again. 

Deniz Koparan - Ezgi's childhood friend, in her early 30s. She works as a lawyer in a leading law firm in Turkey. Her goal is to rise in the business, and she's working hard for it. She was disappointed by a bad marriage that was in her life, and she was close to love. She's ambitious, cold, and distant with people that are out of her inner circle. She's especially close to men. 

Ozan Dinçer - a handsome, pleasant, positive, social, emotional, and reliable person. A merrymaker in his early 30s. He's a successful chef at the restaurant which Özgür owns, and he's also a close friend of him. Despite the unfortunate relationships in his personal life, he does not lose faith in love.

Emre Eren - he works as a bartender at Özgür's place. He is funny, sweet, and likes having fun. He doesn't hesitate to flirt with girls, although he's in a relationship. He's social and energetic. When a subject doesn't interest him he says "let it be away from us, let it be. 

Gizem Sezer - She works at Özgür's place as a person in charge of reservations and communication with customers. Her ideal is to become a public relations manager at their new store. She's ambitious, insidious, cunning, scams intrigues, and uses people. She also likes Özgür for a long time, but she doesn't show it to anyone. 

Soner Seçkin - Ezgi's ex-boyfriend. He works as a representative at a pharmaceutical company. He is two-faced, narcissistic, he likes being in the foreground, he presents himself in a different way than he is, he can change his character according to his interests and he behaves according to the cases.

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