The secret power of Can Yaman in Early Bird is now in Mr. Wrong's series...

The secret power of Can Yaman in Early Bird is now in Mr. Wrong's series...

Why is Can Yaman so popular in the world? Well, Can Yaman has appeared among many handsome Turkish actors... Actually, there's no exact answer to that question. But certain factors can make a player stand out.

Here are the main factors to take care of yourself, to wear a suit that suits your body and create your own style. So how do we know this? Of course, from Can Yaman... The famous actor spent time and money on the Early Bird series clothes.
Can Yaman explain the situation in his interview with the newspaper Hürriyet. Let us recall again these words of Can Yaman:

"When the script came in, Can Divit was writing very sloppy, disguised for the character  I called Aslı, one of the writers of the show, and I said, "That's not the way it would be, this romantic comedy."

"This man should wear things the public wondered" where did he come from? "Let the man be a walking sexuality and a visual feast."

Asli agreed as well. And I said: "I'll do the shopping for the first episodes"... In the first 5-6 episodes of "Early Bird", I spent 200,000 lira from my own pocket for the costumes. I invested what I had earned from other TV series... I even had a lover at that time. I sent him to the Grand Bazaar and bought jewelry with my own money. »

Can Yaman was investing in himself, not in the character of the show. This investment was well received. Fans of the famous actor are very impressed by his style and his passion for himself. They show it with their publications on social media.
Aslı Parlak is working on a costume choice. Saying "My new project is Mr. Wrong", Aslı Parlak prepares special clothes for Özge Gürel and Can Yaman, namely Ezgi and Özgür. Just like in the Early Bird series.

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