BayYanliş premieres Friday, June 26! Here's an official trailer

BayYanliş premieres Friday, June 26! Here's an official trailer

You didn't meet the next door neighbor right?
No, why?
Who's the next door neighbor?
Let's call him the embodiement of the wrong guy, shortly
I'll show you now!
Meaning, Mr. Wrong!
First, I kissed...
It's someone Ezgi should stay well clear, no?
He's not like any man you ever saw before
Enough, I can't deal with this, I'm leaving
Don't you ever be alone with him!
Ezgi don't!
Mr. Wrong is on Fox Tv 26 June Friday night, with it's first episode

Mr. Wrong is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Özgur, played by Can Yaman, a charismatic, free-spirited man who doesn't believe in love and owns a restaurant. One day he meets Ezgi, who is brought to life by Özge Gürel, a beautiful young woman who has always had bad relationships.

When she finally thinks she has found the man of her life, the character of Can Yaman tries to help the young woman marry her new love without realizing that he is falling in love with her.

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