Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir what is their relationship today? The two actors speak

Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir what is their relationship today? The two actors speak

In these days is finally broadcasting in Italy "Daydreamer - Le Ali del Sogno", the famous Turkish TV show "Erkenci Kus" with Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir. The alchemy they proved to have on set and offset was such that there was a lot of talk about their relationship and they still talk about it today; so much so that the two actors had to intervene again in these days on the subject (even more delicate at home). The site of "Novella 2000" reports their statements on the relationship they currently have.

The beautiful actress who played Sanem Aydin in "Daydreamer said (today, at least) "There is no love with Can. We are just friends". She had to repeat this after the end of her relationship with another colleague, Seckin Ozdemir, which lasted only a short time.

It was rumored that Yaman was "behind", but Demet denied it absolutely, saying she hadn't cheated on her boyfriend (with anyone!). "We tried, but it didn't work. Our work made us very busy, we couldn't meet, she explained.

She also strongly denied the rumors that she would not marry Can because of cheating on him, on which she spent only fine words. In addition to his professional respect, she called him a "good and peaceful man, unlike the image he gives of himself".

After the experience of "Daydreamer", Demet Ozdemir is busy on the set of the romantic-drama ("Your Home is Your Destiny"). The co-star is called Ibrahim Celikkol.

Can Yaman confirmed on NTV what Demet Ozdemir said, about which he always had every respect (indeed, he had even admitted that they had a relationship) during the filming of the 20th episode of "Daydreamer" and even afterward he seemed very "taken" by her! 

He explained that they had never met before the TV show; however, "it was as if we had known each other for a long time: we immediately got on well," he continued.

He also made it clear that one of his statements was misunderstood: he did not say that he and Demet are "a beautiful couple", but that there is harmony between them!

Can ended by saying he felt lucky to have worked with her: she is energetic and funny, able to cheer up! Recently the actor reiterated that a sense of humor is one of the main characteristics of his ideal woman and revealed that he is dating someone: who could it be?

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