Demet Özdemir introduced her new pet... and she's nailed to Simba!

Demet Özdemir introduced her new pet... and she's nailed to Simba!

Demet Özdemir, the lead actress of 'Erkenci Kus' and former partner of Can Yaman, is very active in her social networks, so it is not surprising that she has publicly introduced the new member of her family: her pet Simba!

The actress published a few days ago a picture in which she appeared, very smiling, holding with her hand a tiny cinnamon and white kitten with light eyes. A real cutie.

The little cat has won Demet's heart and, since she adopted him, she can't be without him. In fact, yesterday she even woke up next to him.

"I wanted to open the day with a baby, I found it rolled up in the blanket with me," she said at the foot of a tender image in which she appears embracing the animal and looking like she was "dying of love.

In her latest publication, Demet Özdemir has made an amusing comparison between her Simba and Disney's 'Lion King', but not the original film, but the 2019 version.  

In the image, the famous scene appears in which Rafiki, the monkey, raises the small lion and future king so that all the animals know him. Next to him, the actress's kitten, which looks just like the one in the film! It's clear that Demet is in love with her little boy.

It seems that Turkey is also slowly returning to normal. This is why Can Yaman has already started shooting his new series, 'Ban Yanlin'.

Before the quarantine, Demet was recording his new TV drama, 'Evim', but it''s not clear when she will return to work. So the actress has taken advantage of these days to be able to meet up again with her family and friends whom she has not seen for weeks due to the confinement.

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