If Can Yaman were a girl : we'd have fun with the new fashion app

If Can Yaman were a girl : we'd have fun with the new fashion app

The app shows you what you'd look like if you changed gender.
It doesn't matter if he has long hair, short hair, a beard or not. We like Can Yaman in every way. Even if we turn him into a girl through one of the hottest apps. That's what his fans have done in networks and the result has been a success. Because if you have good raw material, you can handle whatever they throw at you. 

The first to do so was Adolfo Rodriguez. Can Yaman's attraction hasn't diminished at all when he's turned him into a woman. What a hottie!

The one who got mixed up with the photo! Can Yaman's conversion into an attractive woman has not gone unnoticed by the actor's fans, who, while admitting that it's not bad at all, have kept the original version of the main character from 'Erkenci Kus: Dreaming Bird'. However, some have been unable to resist and have made their own female version of our Turkish God, and we don't know which one to choose! Each new image is almost better than the last.

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