Mr.Wrong Behind The Scenes:Özge Gürel showed her femininity on camera!

Mr.Wrong Behind The Scenes:Özge Gürel showed her femininity on camera!

It is clear that one of the most energetic and harmonious couples in recent years is Can Yaman and Özge Gürel. Two famous actors who already hold their energy with the Full Moon series, They continue on their way by being more comfortable and dominant in Mr. Wrong.

The first episode of the Mr. Wrong series is expected to air on Friday, June 26. The impact on ratings and ratings are very important. Can Yaman and Özge Gürel have already put social media in the palm of their hand. Fans of the famous duo support the series with all their strength.

The story of the series, actor performances, ratings results and audience impressions will provide important clues as to how the series will unfold over the next few days. However, in the actions coming from the set, we can see that a warm and energetic team is coming together.

Backstage footage of the Mr. Wrong series was released. In her yellow clothes, Özge Gürel showed her beauty and elegance. The actress who has filled her gaze with her femininity is in a comfortable and warm dialogue with her partner Can Yaman.

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