Can's message to his fans who made a succesful event on twitter for ''BayYanlış''

Can's message to his fans who made a succesful event on twitter for ''BayYanlış''

Can Yaman is happy, his fans are even happier. The famous actor Can Yaman has crowned Mr. Wrong 's debut with his work on trends on Twitter. On June 1st, Can Yaman fans in thousands of countries posted thousands of messages on social networks throughout the day.

Can Yaman lovers, who shared more than 100 thousand messages, also surprised the famous actor. This event, which took place in honor of the beginning of Mr. Wrong's series, which brought together Özge Gürel and Can Yaman, made the famous actor very happy.

Can Yaman thanked his fans on his Twitter account. The actor, who said he was following all the activities on social networks, announced that he would start working on the set on Tuesday, 2nd June.

Can's message to his fans who made a successful event on twitter for  ''BayYanlış'' ...once again.  CAN: ''I didn't had a shoot today. The adventure begins tomorrow for me. I closely followed your tweets today and what you wrote very carefully  I said once beautiful fans I have..I would like to say that I am grateful that you share this excitement with me in such away. Many kisses, with Love.

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