Can Yaman, criticized in Turkey for his nudity

Can Yaman, criticized in Turkey for his nudity

Should Can Yaman be worried? The ratings for his new series, 'Bay Yanlis', are not being as expected by Fox and Gold, the network and producer that produces it, so they had thought of canceling the series after its first batch of episodes. In addition, Turkish critics are being very hard on the actor due to a large number of scenes in which he appears almost naked or shirtless.
However, fans of the Turkish actor from around the world have taken action to prevent this from happening and have supported the series through social networks and by watching the episodes on air.

As for the criticism of the " hot" scenes, according to some Turkish media, the first episodes of the series contain " some unnecessary images" of the Turkish actor practically naked or shirtless. "Let him show more of his performance and not so much of his body," is another comment that the actor is receiving on the subject. 

It seems that Can Yaman and Özge Gürel's TV show has not been as successful as expected in their country, but it has been internationally successful.

The series had a low rating on its first broadcasts and was between third and fourth in the most-watched programs. Normally, Turkish shows that don't exceed expectations in their first episodes are usually canceled and this is what could have happened to 'Bay Yanlis'.

Thanks to the fact that Can Yaman has a huge number of followers all over the world and, through Twitter, they have managed to turn it into a Trending Topic in the latest broadcasts, this has made the channel and the production company reconsider canceling the series and giving it another chance. In addition, the subtitled chapters have been very well received around the world. For example, in Spain, the first episode has already had more than one million visits.

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