A Spanish fan of Can Yaman paints him on his facade and creates a flamenco costume with his face

A Spanish fan of Can Yaman paints him on his facade and creates a flamenco costume with his face

The passion that the actor Can Yaman has raised among Spanish audiences is evident in the fact that the Turkish actor has become a star in Spain for more than a year now. Since the Spanish audience discovered him with 'Erkenci Kus in Divinity, this is a reference for thousands of people and proof of this is the massive reception he received when he visited Spain precisely to promote Turkish fiction.

Well, one of his biggest fans in Spain wanted to pay him a tribute at home. The Spanish Maribel Ruiz Calvente, a neighbour of Los Barrios, in Cádiz, has not hesitated to show her gratitude to the actor since his work in different Turkish fictions proved to be very important for her to forget her loneliness in the confinement caused by the coronavirus for a while every day. Ruiz Calvente managed to be happier thanks to the work of the well-known interpreter and without a doubt, the way of thanking him has been great and has not left anyone indifferent.

The Spanish woman has painted Can Yaman on the façade of her home. Thanks to a giant projection, she has been able to paint a recent image of the actor at the entrance to her house in Los Barrios. The result is more than good, and the resemblance to him is more than evident. For now, he has not responded but it is clear that as soon as he discovers the existence of this great drawing he will share it and it would not surprise him if he ends up visiting it on his return to Spain. Furthermore, it is clear that Maribel Ruiz Calvente's home has already become a must-see in Cadiz for all the fans of the fashionable Turkish actor.

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