Can Yaman drives his fans crazy: the actor's techniques for always being perfect

Can Yaman drives his fans crazy: the actor's techniques for always being perfect

Can Yaman is one of the sexiest and most attractive men on planet earth is a fact. The Turkish actor raises passions and it is not for less, because we can not only talk about his physique but also about his magnificent acting skills. For all these reasons, the young man has earned a legion of fans who do not hesitate to follow him - on some occasions, literally, as we could see at Madrid Airport. For this reason, he has become one of the most highly appreciated actors internationally, and each series in which he participates is a real success. But what are the keys to his charming physique?

The first thing we need to talk about is his long hair. The truth is that this physical aspect has made him raise more than one passion wherever he goes. Also, his beard is another of his qualities that keeps half of Spain enraptured. And that's why, when the actor changed his look a few months ago, we were all surprised. The truth is that nobody expected Can Yaman to be more attractive, but he did. In order to do his Mili in Turkey, the actor had to cut his hair and say 'goodbye' to his iconic beard. But how did he get such a perfect shave? How have his looks changed?

Can Yaman is 31 years old and was born in a small town near Istanbul. When he finished high school he decided to continue his student career and studied law thanks to an athletic scholarship. But when he finished his studies, he realized that the world of law did not convince him completely and so he decided to dedicate himself, one hundred percent, to his true passion: acting. His debut on Turkish television came in 2014, thanks to the series Gönül İşleri. At that time, we met him with a physical appearance very similar to that which surprised us for a few months. However, his face had a thick mustache, which he later shed. Also, he had shorter hair and a goatee. In spite of not having such characteristic hair, Can Yaman already began by raising passions.

The truth is that his fame was growing like wildfire and Turkish producers realized that his appearance in any series would be a huge success. That's why they decided to count on him for İnadına Aşk, Hangimiz Sevmedik, Dolunay and Erkenci Kuş. It was in the latest one that the actor reached his maximum fame and with which he began to be known outside his frontiers. Thus, the audience could see how the young lawyer was maturing in front of the cameras. We witnessed how his hair began to grow and how he decided to go for that little hair that gave him a more casual and extroverted touch. Also, his beard was starting to look longer and his followers still liked his physical appearance.

But everything changed last January when Can Yaman uploaded a photograph to his Instagram profile. Soon, his followers noticed that his physical appearance had changed. Can Yaman had cut his hair and shaved off his beard to begin his military service in Turkey. It seems that he liked this new style and so decided to keep it in these months of confinement. During which, by the way, he has even learned to speak a little Spanish. Thus, in the images that the actor uploads to his social networks, we can see what his day-to-day life is like and how he keeps his physical appearance under control. But how does Can Yaman get that perfect shave?

Looking at his photographs we can presume that Can Yaman takes great care of his face and we are sure that, before any shave, the actor nourishes his face well. Therefore, it would not be unusual for him to use a hydrating cream. This way, shaving will be much easier and the finish will be the desired one. In addition, it will also be very important to clean your face well with a special soap, which depends on the type of skin you have. This way, you will remove sebum, dirt and dead cells. In this way, you will hydrate your skin and hair well before shaving so that it becomes soft and smooth.

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