Turgut Producer of Daydreamer exclusive to GossipeTv: the secrets of Can Yaman

Turgut Producer of Daydreamer exclusive to GossipeTv: the secrets of Can Yaman

The Turkish soap opera Daydreamer recorded exceptional audience data in Italy. Results achieved not only thanks to the participation of Can Yaman in the role of Can Divit, but also to a mix of elements that has made this romantic comedy something unique, which will be talked about for a long time to come. Daydreamer's success is contributed by an invisible hero, Faruk Turgut film producer. To him, among others, we owe also the intuition to make Can Yaman and Demet Ozmedir work together. A choice that has contributed to the success of the TV show. Faruk Turgut agreed to answer some curiosity of 'GossipeTv' readers about Daydreamer, its main characters and more.

What do you think about Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir? How was the character of Can Divit born? Will there be a sequel to the story?

Demet is an actress I discovered before Daydreamer. We did 'Strawberry Smell' and 'No. 309' together. An actress whose talent I know. I thought from the beginning that it would be nice to have them working together. I was not wrong, they have become a great couple. The personality of Can Divit was very decisive for developing his character. Can, the director, the screenwriter contributed. I did not contribute to the writing of the script. I just brought people together. Daydreamer will have no success. 

Which is your favorite character in Daydreamer and where do you see Can Yaman in 10 years?

My favorite character is Can Divit. A special and very beloved character. Can is an actor who constantly improves himself. I think he will do a very effective job on the International screen. 

Daydreamer is getting very successful in Italy...

The success in Italy makes me very happy. It makes us very proud that the series we made attracts the Italian public.

What is the main secret of the series?

The greatest success of Daydreamer is the harmony of Can and Demet. And the energy they create together. Obviously together with the power of history, the performance of other actors and the good production.

Did the Coronavirus stop some projects you were working on?

No project has been stopped. For the summer season, we have designed Mr. Wrong, no problem. Obviously, it will affect. We make our preparations for online platforms.

In your opinion, what reaches the audience more than the characters of your projects?

It is very important for the audience when making a drama to empathize with the characters.

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