Neslihan Atagül: 'Kara Sevda' was a test for me and I passed.

Neslihan Atagül: 'Kara Sevda' was a test for me and I passed.

She was already one of Turkey's most popular actresses when the role of Nihan came into her hands. Neslihan Atagül did not imagine then all that 'Kara Sevda' would give her, the series that has become an international success and has made her a star worldwide. "I always wanted to show my performance and potential to people, but I never dreamed of fame. Kara Sevda' was a really important series in my career. I learned what to do and what to do with life, it gave me a lot. It was a test for me and I passed. I'm happy," the actress confessed in an interview granted some time after the end of the series.

She always wanted to be an actress and at the age of 14 she got her first chance. "I remember talking to my mother after I called the agency. I said, 'Mum, I want to be an actress and I'm afraid I'm going to be late,'" said the star of 'Kara Sevda'.

They took her and she started on her way to success. Disciplined where she is, Neslihan gets into each of her characters to give her best: "I have to believe in the character and that I can play that role well. I don't exist while I'm bringing a character to life. Neslihan pulls back and uses only her body."

He wasn't looking for fame but it came to him. Almost ten million people follow her on Instagram and she has become one of the most important actresses in her country and a real advertising sensation. "It's very nice to be appreciated and for the audience not to forget my characters. When I go to sleep I say 'oh'. It's a wonderful feeling."

Aware of the impact of her words, the actress takes her relationship with fans very seriously. "I try to do good things, to serve the benefit of society and my country, to be able to touch the lives of young people who follow me with what I say and what I do. Maybe thousands of people will listen to what comes out of our mouths. I'm very excited to touch a person," she said in a candid and extensive interview with Elle magazine.

Neslihan and the actor Kadir Doğulu got married in 2016 and whenever their professional commitments allow it, they organize a couple's escapades. "We love to travel in caravans," says the actress, who loves being close to nature. "It reminds me of my essence. When I look at the sky and see the stars, lighting up the darkness of the night, and the moon... it's a wonderful feeling for me. I like living in nature, so I don't prefer to sit in the heart of the city. I love seeing trees, hearing nightingales, and dog barks and waking up to the sound of the rooster.

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