Spanish fans of Can Yaman meet him after a trip to the set of 'Ban Yanlis' in Turkey

Spanish fans of Can Yaman meet him after a trip to the set of 'Ban Yanlis' in Turkey

The phenomenon that Can Yaman awakens among Spaniards is undoubtedly more than remarkable; there are thousands of fans that the Turkish actor has in Spain. Since Divinity released the Turkish fiction 'Erkenci Kus in Spain, the actor has become a mass idol. It is therefore not surprising that some of his followers are completely devoted to him. In fact, if a few days ago we saw how an Andalusian woman transformed her home into a museum dedicated to the actor and even drew him on the façade, now we have learned that a group of Spanish fans has decided to go to Turkey to meet him.

Ana, one of the Spaniards who traveled to Istanbul to meet the Turkish actor, has starred in an extensive Instagram Live on the official profile of Divinity by the journalist Adolfo Rodriguez. She has explained all the details of what has undoubtedly been the journey of a lifetime and that is that to the envy of many fans of the actor, she and her friends have been able to meet him, have been photographed with him and even have been able to chat a few minutes, both with him and with the rest of the cast members of 'Ban Yanlis'.

At 44, Ana confesses that she has never been a fan of anyone as she is now of Can Yaman, so last January she organized a trip with her son to Turkey, to try to meet her idol. An operation her dog had to undergo caused her plans to fall apart, canceling what was undoubtedly the trip of her dreams. But what she couldn't expect was that her husband, together with the husbands of other Spanish Can Yaman fans, had prepared the biggest surprise for them: they gave them all the trip they had dreamed of taking with him for so long, they were going to Turkey together.

And they did so, with a certain "respect and fear" for the coronavirus crisis, as she explains. Well, finally they arrived in Istanbul and there they managed to find the place where 'Ban Yanlis' was being recorded. They were therefore able to meet all the members of the cast, which obviously included Can. Ana says that she is a very nice and funny person who did not hesitate to spend some time with them. As she confessed, she felt sorry because during her visit to Spain she could not be with the fans as much as she would have liked because there were too many people waiting for her in Madrid.

During the Spanish talk with the girls, Can Yaman was interested in the trip they had made to meet him and was happy that Spanish fans had come there for him. He didn't hesitate to sign some t-shirts and photographs and posed with them so that they would have the best possible memories. A memory that other fans will have a hard time getting and that is that Ana, out of "respect for the place of work" of Can and his team, did not want to reveal to anyone where the successful Turkish series of FOX and Gold is filmed.

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