Bay Yanlis tenth episode, Ozgur and Ezgi break up. All the fault of Serdar or the enemy Tolga?

Bay Yanlis tenth episode, Ozgur and Ezgi break up. All the fault of Serdar or the enemy Tolga?


With the tenth episode, we may have reached the turning point, thanks also to the introduction of new characters that will put a little more energy into the love story between Ozgur and Ezgi, played respectively by Can Yaman and Özge Gürel. As you know, while in Italy Erkenci Kus, was promoted in primetime on Canale 5 (here are the summaries of all the episodes), in Turkey the actor keeps everyone nailed in front of the small screen with Bay Yanlis (in Italian Signor Sbagliato), which is broadcast every Friday at 8:00 pm at home (7:00 pm in Italy). The series, designed especially for the international market, could be made up of "only" 20 episodes of more than two hours each, and with the new episode we finally get to the heart of the matter with the introduction of the "enemy" Tolga (played by Erhat Parıl) introduced at the end of the ninth episode and which will be officially presented here. Ozgur, the wrong Mr. of the title, and Ezgi broke up after only two days because of those who don't want to see their love grow, but also because of Ozgur's cousin's hand in something diabolical. To continue to follow the romantic stories of the series

The romantic night of Ozgur and Ezgi had an unexpected end. The two finally confessed their feelings and got together. To undermine their happiness, however, are friends and relatives who do not want to see them together. Cansu is convinced that Ozgur is Mr. Wrong and continues to push her cousin into the arms of Serdar, who has turned out to be a selfish and cruel person. Ezgi's mother even gave her an ultimatum. She must leave work and home and never see Ozgur again. Even Ezgi's mother convinced that Ezgi is deceiving him with the doctor, does everything she can to drive the two lovers away. The only ones who doubt that making them leave is the right thing are Chef Ozan and her friend Deniz, perhaps because they too are at the beginning of what could become a tender love story. Serdar, determined to make the decisive move, has ingratiated Ezgi's mother and organized a surprise birthday for the girl, during which he gave her a very expensive necklace. All under the eyes of Ozgur, who, prey for the first time to real feelings of jealousy that he does not know how to deal with, leaves Ezgi without giving her an explanation. 

Ozgur, who does not know that Ezgi has given the necklace back to Serdar telling him not to look for her anymore, he leaves the girl telling her not to show up for work anymore but she, feeling discouraged by the treatment she has received (which she does not understand since she did not know she was seen by Ozgur), decides to leave with her mother in Bursa. There the mother understands her daughter's true feelings for Ozgur, seeing her suffer for the distance. Even the man can't stay away from her and tries to conquer her again, but Serdar gets in the way once again. Without forgetting Tolga, Ozgur's arrogant and greedy cousin decides to reveal himself, not least because he had the license for the opening of the new club blocked and now wants to take possession of everything Ozgur owns. Will Ozgur be able to put things back in place, win back the girl and keep the club? This time it could be the friends who wanted them to split up...

Below are the trailers of the tenth episode of Bay Yanlis - Mr. Wrong. To see them with Italian subtitles just click on settings and choose the language in the automatic translation:

Tolga is in the first trailer:

Ozgur and Ezgi reconcile in the second trailer:

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