Can Yaman returns to Italy: the commitments of the Turkish actor in Rome (and may well be) Milan in September 2020.

Can Yaman returns to Italy: the commitments of the Turkish actor in Rome (and may well be) Milan in September 2020.


In Italy, we have Can Yaman, the beloved Turkish actor protagonist of the TV series on Channel 5 "Day Dreamer - Le Ali del Sogno". Photos and videos of Can Yaman in Rome and Milan.

Can Yaman - Can Divit in Daydreamer and Ferit Aslan in Bitter Sweet - is in Italy, and more precisely in Rome, to record an episode of C'è Posta per Te, a program conducted by Maria De Filippi that will see the Turkish actor among the guests of the new edition at the start in 2021. But this may not be his only commitment in Italy.

Can's agenda also seems to include a second stop in Italy: not only Rome but also Milan. Let's find out together what brings the actor to Italy, among hypotheses, theories, and blows on the net.

At the moment we write this article, there is no official information about the schedule that has brought him to Italy which, in the late morning of September 29th, shared on Instagram a shot of him at the airport waiting for his flight.

Can Yaman on Grande Fratello VIP

This theory comes from a like - considered suspect - of Can Yaman to a post by Elisabetta Gregoraci dedicated to a clip that represents her at Grand Fratello, a program that sees her in the shortlist of competitors.

On the air on Monday and Friday on Channel 5, Grand Fratello VIP is hosted by Alfonso Signorini, a presenter who has never hidden the fact that he wants Can among the contestants of this edition. A"fixed" participation of the actor at GF Vip is to be excluded, instead of a possible presence as a guest.

The program's ratings are also very low: Can Yaman could be the trump card!

Can Yaman on C' è Posta per Te 2020/2021

On September 7 the recordings of the new episodes of C'è Posta per Te, whose new edition will be aired on Saturday evening on Channel 5 at the beginning of 2021, started at Studio 4 of the Titanus Center in Rome.

Can Yaman will participate as a guest in Maria De Filippi's program: the recordings of the episode that will see him present will be held Wednesday, September 30.

The airing of the episode of C'è Posta per Te with Can Yaman has not yet been announced, but if the news should be confirmed, we are talking about the beginning of 2021.

Can Yaman with Ferzan Özpetek

Ferzan Özpetek, director, screenwriter, and Turkish writer naturalized Italian, has never hidden his admiration for Can Yaman. There are rumors on the web that the two could meet in Rome for an upcoming film engagement. Who knows...

Can Yaman on Verissimo

Also on the net, we read that the Turkish actor will fly from Rome to Milan to record an interview for Verissimo, the Saturday afternoon program of Canale 5 hosted by Silvia Toffanin.

The possible episode of Verissimo with guests Can Yaman could air on Saturday, October 10.

Can Yaman on ''Live non è la d'Urso''

Can Yaman could also be the most anticipated guest of the next episode of Barbara D'Urso's upcoming evening program: Live Non è la d'Urso.

Sunday, October 4 Can Yaman will be a guest of D'Urso? There is still no information about it. If the news should be confirmed, the participation of Can will be the only one live, being the other commitments all recorded for future broadcast on television.

Can Yaman In Dancing With The Stars 

Can Yaman's participation in the cast of Dancing with the Stars 2020 had been denied in March. On the web, it is written that he could still be a guest on the Saturday night program of Rai 1 hosted by Milly Carlucci.

Can Yaman in Rome: photos and videos

The photos of the arrival of Can Yaman in Rome and the warm welcome of Italian fans:

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