Can Yaman's message regrets the possible cancellation of Bay Yanlis: A dry and waterless soil.

Can Yaman's message regrets the possible cancellation of Bay Yanlis: A dry and waterless soil.


It seems that Bay Yanlis could close his story in a more precipitate way than expected, according to some Turkish media. The latest comments in the networks of the director and his protagonist Can Yaman have only fed the rumors by showing themselves sad and critical for what has been a project in which they have put all their hopes.

In the absence of confirmation from the production company or the television network, everything points to the fact that the last series starring Can Yaman, would have been canceled after the criticism received in recent months and the low audience data that would be getting in their country.

The first to react to this possible event was the protagonist of the series himself, who left no one indifferent after a message that reflected the bitter taste of what could be a hasty ending. "You have been a garden full of life and color in arid soil, with stones, and without water," wrote Can Yaman in his latest Instagram story in what seems to be a few words of thanks to his colleagues and fans for their support, although there is no lack of criticism in the air about all the difficulties they have been put through.

The same sense of defeat has been expressed by the director of the series, Deniz Yorulmazer, who first published in his Instagram stories a revealing message that set off all the alarms about the cancellation. "Thank you to everyone who has been with us since day one. With love, the whole team," he wrote, always grateful to his followers for all the support the project is getting in these difficult times.

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