Has the Hulk turned into Can Yaman? Instagram goes crazy with his new haircut and the similarity

Has the Hulk turned into Can Yaman? Instagram goes crazy with his new haircut and the similarity

We saw on Instagram a Hulk edit wearing a new haircut, a new look that reminds us more of Can Yaman than anything else.

It's clear that the Hulk can handle all kinds of looks and haircuts on his green muscles, but the latest look we discovered on Instagram has left us speechless. And by the way, that updo, and that beard are familiar... Wait a minute; it's Can Yaman! What will Mark Ruffalo think of the resemblance? Will it be a hint of an upcoming hypothetical physical transformation?

For the moment, don't be afraid, it's a clear-cut assembly. The Instagram account @gentleman.expert, in charge of uploading all kinds of photos of actors, published this image with a "new Hulk haircut", which automatically set fire to the social media. "Since when has he become a hipster and a vegan," was one of the many comments. What they don't change, however, are the massive arms of The Mass...

But the image is so real because we know very well the military training that the Turkish gentleman carries out for each of his roles. A fan of boxing and CrossFit, his gym routines are high intensity and with many strength exercises. His trainer is Umut Duygu, a celebrity in the Ottoman country. "Now I do an hour of boxing and half an hour of CrossFit every day. I work mostly with my body weight and high heart rate, to burn calories. It's clear to me that people who do sports get less tired in their daily lives, and for someone who records a daily novel like me, it's an advantage. My character is very physical...", he said on one of his recent visits to Spain. He is prepared in case he has to join the Marvel universe...

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