Am I handsome? I don't even realize it". And now Can Yaman lays himself naked

Am I handsome? I don't even realize it". And now Can Yaman lays himself naked


On the cover of the next issue of Chi, on newsstands from Wednesday, October 14, a photoshoot ("but I don't want any retouching to the photographs, I demand it as a condition of the contract," he said) and an exclusive interview with Turkish star Can Yaman, who revealed the secrets about his life and how he came to be a sex symbol: "I studied law and also practiced for some time in the courts to follow in my father's steps and because I always had a strong sense of justice. My parents didn't have so many possibilities and I worked very hard, always trying to get scholarships. We have gone through ups and downs, but they always passed on important values to me, which is what counts. Then, however, I chose to follow my true passion: acting". 

And Can Yaman comments on his success as follows: "It's inexplicable to me that my fans are my joy, not only because they follow me because I'm famous, but also because they understand that there's something more...".

Read more about Can Yaman on"Chi" magazine download free now available.

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