Bay Yanlis Second Season? A dinner with Faruk Turgut and Fox what happened? Gossip on the web

Bay Yanlis Second Season? A dinner with Faruk Turgut and Fox what happened? Gossip on the web

New gossip on the net about Bay Yanlis, and the accusations made against Fox.....

Everything is perhaps not lost for the series so beloved by Can Yaman: as he also stated on the pages of Chi in his interview released on October 14th.

Several clues lead us to think that Fox might come back on her feet after the early and unexpected end of the Bay Yanlis series. In addition, a photo of a dinner between the producer of the series Faruk Turgut and Can Yaman with his managers was released on social media. 

Can Yaman said on Chi precisely who the bitterness of the end of the TV series :

"Why was the Bay Yanlis series canceled? Asked the journalist of Chi to Can Yaman.

Can said "Ask the big bosses. If I gave my answer I would run the risk of saying the least opportune thing. I'm sorry because in this series I played a character who allowed me to express myself freely, without being crushed by the script".

Millions of Bay Yanlis fans have moved against the end through mass-tweet socials in which they demanded to save the Turkish series seen in more than 80 countries around the world. In addition, it's enjoying so much success at MIPCOM that it has been included in the most outstanding content. 

And rumors say that not only Spain, as confirmed, would buy the series, but also Mediaset would have in the drawer ready to air in summer 2021. But on Mediaset we have no official confirmation. While Spain has confirmed the airing of Bay Yanlis on NOVA.

The whole cast was disappointed because there was talk of extending the second season and then within 48 hours it was all over and they had to shoot a fast and focused but still beautiful finale.

Although it has left many doubts that could be resolved with a second season. And in my opinion, it is not a coincidence but the hope of getting the much-coveted second season. 

About Bay Yanlis costs the producer Turgut told Gossip TV:

Very expensive. Each episode was sold to the television network for 110,000 euros. The production costs, however, were higher, equal to 140,000 euros. The most important and expensive cost item is the one related to the actors' fees.

The fact of low ratings has not even allowed sponsors to compensate for the expenses, even though international visibility could raise this voice again. There is also a lot of talk about Bay Yanlis in Italy. Not only in the social media but also in the newspapers after the recent trip of Can Yaman who talked about Bay Yanlis in Chi but also in Verissimo.

Also, Silvia leaving him some free rein in his speech did not deepen the subject Bay Yanlis several times introduced by Can Yaman. Most probably because currently on Canale 5 there is DayDreamer and the presence of Can and Demet Ozdemir, on Saturday 17th, was born for the promotion of this series on Mediaset. But the fact that Can talked about it also at C'è Posta per Te where some pictures of Can as Ozgur in Bay Yanlis were aired could have triggered a new international interest in the series. Or maybe some investors came forward.

Meanwhile, the Arabic super turkey page launches a big accusation against Fox that is becoming a real scandal. Will this news be true? Here is what the Instagram page in Arabic Super Turkey writes.

Fox Channel is in serious trouble ... !!!! 

The Turkish censorship authority twice gave the channel a warning because it was earning money illegally and without a license from FoxPlay application on the Internet, and now it is possible that a reason appears among the reasons that forced Fox to delete #BayYanlis to cover up its scandal! (Because the viewing rate was high in the application, which raises doubts about the true viewing rate of the series) @superturkeyy 

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