Can Yaman has an unrelated contract with Tudors; in fact, the contract is not exclusive, and Can Yaman can accept other offers to work with other brands. Demet Ozdemir is also not exclusive with Pantene.

The offer of a collaboration with Can Yaman comes from the official social profile of the well-known brand of elegance Carlo Pignatelli. So we could see Can once again with the wonderful outfits of the groom but this time Made in Italy.

Did your trip to Italy also include new collaborations outside of cinema and TV?

Demet has also recently traveled to Italy and therefore may have already been contacted by Pignatelli's staff with a request. 

Carlo Pignatelli first thought about Can Yaman on the reminder of the fans then he thought about including also Demet Ozdemir after seeing her gorgeous in a wedding dress wedding in DayDreamer.

Will Carlo Pignatelli be able to realize this campaign that brings together Can and Demet on set for a commercial?