Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir will see them together? Here is what the producer of Daydreamer reveals

Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir will see them together? Here is what the producer of Daydreamer reveals

It's the most-watched and loved soap of 2020, we talk about "Erkenci Kuş "Day Dreamer" with the beautiful Turkish actors Can Yaman and Demet Otzdeimir. The soap in Italy was a huge success thanks to the beauty and skill of both actors.

The producer of "DayDreamer" confessed that the two professionals took a long time to choose. Faruk Turgut the 60-year-old successful film producer, with 72 TV series and films behind him, some exported to different parts of the world, in an interview with Gossipetv, said he loves Italy and hopes that in the future he can do a co-production with an Italian partner to produce a miniseries between Italy and Turkey.

About the actors chosen in "Daydreamer", he said that he chose a good actor to put next to Demet Ozdemir, the female protagonist. Can according to the producer was fully able to embody the character he had in mind and the success he achieved proved him right. In fact, as Faruk tells us, the couple immediately found a good match, not to mention their extraordinary professionalism, together they were perfect.

In fact, Faruk said that for him it was a great honor to collaborate with two people so humble but at the same time very good, but he also confessed that both Demet and Can are actors who charge themselves, their salary is very high and so to have them act together again is not an easy thing. Moreover, Demet is currently working with another producer. But he confesses that he would like to work with her again.

Many people wonder if they will see the two actors together again and we find the answer in the words of Farut who says "I love Demet. Her salary is very high. It's the same for Can too. Putting them together is very expensive at the moment. If there was an Italian co-production, then maybe it would be possible".

We don't know how much their salary is, but it's certainly something remarkable, as the producer has pointed out several times that their salary goes through the roof. And on Can he let himself go with beautiful words, a sign that their relationship is very deep, that's what he said: "Actors in Turkey don't grow up professionally easily. Can is an actor who can be included in an international scene. I protect him, I care about him very much, I really love him". Also about the actor's contact with Ferzan Ozpetek, the producer confesses "I hope he will take Can for a film. If he did, we would be honored, proud. I would be happy."

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