Can Yaman appeared on Italian television, everything was destroyed ...

Can Yaman appeared on Italian television, everything was destroyed ...

Finally, the long-awaited interview has arrived, Can Yaman was a guest in the episode of Verissimo on October 10 and told about his past, made of study and sacrifice since his school years.

he has always been a member of our country, he grew up in Istanbul among his friends playing in the alleys of the city. Can said that he had clear ideas from a very young age, so he chose to attend an Italian high school in order to attend an international school in Turkey and have more job opportunities in the future. "I really like Italy, I feel a lot of affection and very pure love, the fans don't come to take pictures with me just because I'm famous but because they love me and follow all the things I do," said the actor.

The actor then attended law school thanks to a scholarship won for his basketball skills. After four years of law school, he started working as a lawyer, although after only 6 months he realized that this was not the right job for him.

However, the sacrifices in the study would not have been possible without the scholarships deserved for his schooling skills, Can said in fact that his family has lived a very difficult time, so he could not have allowed affording neither the Italian high school nor the university studies. "I have always been a scholarly child and the scholarships I won in the most difficult period for my family saved my life, allowing me to study," Can explain to Silvia Toffanin

Can Yaman, who said his life had completely changed during his vacation with his mother, said: "I met the managers of the agency while I was on vacation with my grandmother.

My life has completely changed. I am still working with the same people at the agency.

Silvia Toffanin asked Yaman what his relationship with the leading actress of Daydreamer, Demet Özdemir, he said: "We are just friends. She helped me a lot on the set. We hope to work together again."

On the question of his current emotional state, Can Yaman said: "I'm single at the moment, but I want to have a relationship like everyone else. These things can't be planned. I'm open to anything.

Yaman said about his meeting with the director Ferzan Özpetek in Rome: 

"I met director Ferzan Özpetek in Rome and he was very nice. We had spoken several times on the phone but I didn't meet him personally. I hope we can do something good together, maybe a film. There is definitely an intention and a desire to do it, but it's too early to say anything at the moment."

When asked about becoming a father in the future, Can Yaman said, "Yes, but I'm not thinking about it right now."He said: "I don't dream a lot, I like to live from this moment on.

I almost never stop thinking about things, about projects. I really like to be surprised by things. Three years ago, I never said I would come here, but today I am here "

Also, Silvia Toffanin has announced that Demet Özdemir will participate in her show next Saturday as a guest. After the Turkish TV series, the Turkish storm will continue to blow on Italian TV programs.

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