Can Yaman arrives in Italy, bath of crowd under the hotel where he is staying, the first images of the actor in Rome.

Can Yaman arrives in Italy, bath of crowd under the hotel where he is staying, the first images of the actor in Rome.

The actor of "Daydreamer- The Wings of Dream" has arrived in Italy. In these hours the rumors of Can Yaman's arrival in the capital were chasing each other on social networks. And it seems that the handsome actor is already in Italy, as the various photos on the social media show. In fact, the fans did not waste time finding their favorite and many of them lurked under the hotel where the actor is, and in a time of emergency Covid-19 was certainly not a very popular choice for everyone.

Can Yaman is now very popular in Italy, his fame thanks to the Daydreamer series has increased immensely, but despite this, in the last hours, the last series in which he was the protagonist has been canceled because in Turkey he has not received the expected ratings. So Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong) was closed after the 14th episode.

The fans, especially outside his home country, have never stopped showing all their support to the handsome actor. On the web a myriad of followers, from Italy to Spain, have rebelled for the decision taken about ending the series, this extreme interest has meant that some countries have shown their interest to buy Bay Yanlış.

So we will see later if some online platform will decide to continue the already popular series outside of Turkey. But let's go back to Can Yaman in Italy.

Also, some rumors say that Can Yaman could be in Italy for a film meeting and everyone hopes it will be with director Ferzan Özpetek. It seems that the two of them have been " short" each other at an artistic distance, exchanging like and tagging each other. In fact, it would be nice to see the two working together.

Meanwhile, Can Yaman has only been in Italy for a few hours and the first images of his arrival in the capital and of the crowd of fans, equipped with masks, are already on the social networks, which have been lurking under the hotel where the actor is staying, who still lent himself to take some pictures with them and exchange a few words.

At first, however, it seemed as if they were all in order, but then there was a big crowd that made many people turn up their noses and blocked the actor from leaving the hotel. On the Web, of course, the first criticism of what happened began.


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