Can Yaman on Verissimo ; I don't think, I live and talks about Bay Yanlis

Can Yaman on Verissimo ; I don't think, I live and talks about Bay Yanlis

A wonderful interview with Verissimo: Silvia Toffanin was also fascinated by the handsome Can Yaman who was carried away in the seriousness and kindness of this intense adventure on a chair inside of an empty studio.

In his story of those who do not dream but act in order to have what they really want as a child has already understood that life is conquered not basking in hope.

"I put love in everything I do. I don't admit defeats... I am a perfectionist. I don't dream or think I live". Of the statements, we discover a determined, concrete and passionate man.

A very cultured man (he speaks 4 languages), a very sporty man (since he won several scholarships one thanks to basketball). Graduated from the Italian high school in Istanbul which he attended thanks to a scholarship. Graduated in law always thanks to a sports scholarship. He also studied in the USA thanks to a national scholarship.

A life of achievements and challenges. An exam that Can Yaman has always wanted to pass. A great passion for acting but also for languages. He studied English, Italian but lately also Spanish.

He also talks about his latest TV series starring him: Bay Yanlis. He confesses that thanks to his mother he learned to dance the tango and for this reason they decided to include it in the script of the TV series. In fact, Can Yaman as Ozgur dances a sensual tango with his colleague Ozge Gurel as Ezgi.

Friends and colleagues who appreciate and respect each other in life and a couple in love on set. A couple who like it without gossip outside the set. Also because if Can is single, Ozge is happily engaged.  

LOOK OF CAN YAMAN POST MILITARY - He says that he would have cut his hair anyway after Erkenci Kus for the screenplay of Bay Yanlis because he loves to give different looks to each of his characters. But every character brought on TV has a part of Can Yaman both Can Divit by Erkenci Kus (DayDreamer) and Ozgur Atasoy by Bay Yanlis (Mr. Wrong) and before that Ferit Aslan by Dolunay (BitterSweet). 

Bay Yanlis claims to have spent entire days on set from early morning until 9 p.m. for the Bay Yanlis shoot. Perhaps these long hours of filming have made the Bay Yanlis actors one big, tight-knit family. That's why the news had come out (which we hope will be confirmed) of a film that brings the cast together. But on this Can a Verissimo revealed nothing.

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