Can Yaman revolutionizes a pizzeria in Milan

Can Yaman revolutionizes a pizzeria in Milan

Can Yaman has revolutionized Milan upside down with his presence. The famous Turkish actor has done it again. Just as it happened a year ago during his visit to Spain, where he was surprised by hundreds of fans who barely let him walk, the most famous soap opera star of the moment has now revolutionized this Italian city with his presence alone. Can Yaman be thought he would enjoy a quiet evening eating the typical Italian pizza but the night was anything but quiet. Even so, the interpreter was patient and knew how to be charming both with the crowd of fans that waited for him at the door and with the staff of the pizzeria. Because of details like these, Can Yaman continues to fall in love wherever he goes!

Two days ago, we discovered through the social networks of the protagonist of 'Ban Yalis'  that he was taking a plane to an unknown destination until yesterday when he discovered that he had landed in Milan. As soon as he did, Can Yaman left ready to enjoy an authentic Neapolitan pizza in the restaurant 'Napule è Milano' where they make them in a wood oven as he himself could verify.

Dressed in a denim shirt with sleeves rolled up and slightly open to reveal a beaded necklace, black skinny pants, and white sneakers, Can Yaman proved once again that with any style he looks just to good. The actor, who was chatting with the master pizza maker about the secrets of how to make a good pizza.

In addition, Can kindly agreed to be photographed with the cook and did not hesitate to talk to the rest of the staff. But the strangest thing was waiting for him outside, at the doors of the restaurant where a crowd of fans who had heard about the actor's presence had come to greet him.

Can Yaman showed his sympathy again and, protected by an original black mask with white screen-printed wings, he attended one by one to all his followers. The handsome Turkish man did not hesitate to take selfies with them and sign all the autographs they asked for.

The meeting with the fans also served to see Can Yaman again wearing glasses, a new image that we began to see as a result of the promotion of 'Ban Yalis' his latest soap opera that premiered in late June on Fox Türkiye and had not yet arrived in Spain. In spite of the success that the romantic comedy was enjoying, the network has just decided to cancel his show due to audience indignation.

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