Daydreamer, Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir sing on stage of The Voice (VIDEO)

Daydreamer, Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir sing on stage of The Voice (VIDEO)


The set of Daydreamer gave Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir special alchemy, which continued even after the shooting of Soap. The two popular actors improvised as singers, presenting themselves on the stage of The Voice Turkey and the video went viral among Erkenci Kus fans.

Daydreamer, Can Yaman and Sanem Ozdemir become singers

Daydreamer, beloved by Italian fans, has forever united Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir. The two actors could not deny that on the Soap set special chemistry was born, which led them to hang out even after the shooting was over. While in Erkenci Kus, Sanem Aydin and Can Divit turned the attraction into a real love story, in real life for Demet, and Can it did not happen as much. The two colleagues, in fact, explained that they were just friends and had no flirting, thus maintaining a good relationship even when they stopped playing the role of the photographer and the confusing intern. Soap fans continue to hope that the passion between the two could blossom, emphasizing how the winning harmony in the workplace could be just as winning in the sentimental field. As good friends, as they profess to be, Ozdemir and Yaman have spent time together even away from the cameras, sharing many exciting experiences including a magical duet on stage at The Voice Turkey.

Daydreamer, Can, and Sanem: great performance on the stage of The Voice

Demet, besides being a beautiful actress, loves singing and dancing. Ozdemir has studied these disciplines for a long time and she is the voice of the opening theme song of Daydreamer, entitled Günaydin (Good Morning), which is an invitation to enjoy life and the little things that happen around us, giving a greeting full of expectations to every day. The beautiful interpreter of Sanem involved her friend Can in a new adventure outside the set. The two actors of Erkenci Kus, in fact, presented themselves on stage in the Turkish version of The Voice. The performance left all Soap fans speechless and the video spread at the speed of light on the web. At the end of the performance, Demet and Can were interviewed behind the scenes, showing once again a great friendship. The Yaman admitted that he felt nervous once on stage and that he supported his colleague in the choice of the song, joking that he would have much preferred to perform a Pavarotti song. Ozdemir confessed that the experience was very interesting but that she would never want to be in the shoes of the competitors because she could never stand that tension!

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