Daydreamer, Demet Ozdemir confesses a difficult past: I could not live my adolescence...

Daydreamer, Demet Ozdemir confesses a difficult past: I could not live my adolescence...

Demet Ozdemir, star of Daydreamer, tells about his difficult Adolescence to the official weekly magazine of Turkish Soap which is enjoying success on Canale 5.

Demet Ozdemir is the most loved face on Daydreamer, the Turkish soap opera that is enjoying success on Canale 5. The beautiful actress was the center of the gossip for her relationship with Can Yaman, with whom she created a special empathy on the set. Demet gave an interview to Daydreamer's official weekly magazine, making an unexpected confession about her childhood.

Demet Ozdemir became famous thanks to Daydreamer and the character of Sanem Aydin, the romantic writer who won the heart of tough Can Divit, the charming owner of the advertising agency Fikri Harika. Demet, who has recently been criticized for her physique, told the official Turkish soap opera weekly magazine about her career and difficult adolescence.

Ozdemir has admitted that she feels very happy for the success she is achieving, due to years of great sacrifices in her private and working life:

"I have worked hard for five years, I have worked hard, I have earned a strong payback. And now I am in the golden age. There was a lot of energy on the set, it created a nice atmosphere that involved not only me but the whole team. And we were rewarded with very positive feedback from the audience. In this period I learned a lot. For example, I learned to control the emotion, because at the beginning it was too intense and I got stuck".

The charming Turkish actress grew up in Izmir, a town still far from the chaos of the metropolis, where she was able to experience freedom. Her childhood, however, ended suddenly when she was forced to take on work responsibilities.

"I started working at the age of 15-16, at a young age. I couldn't live my adolescence like other people's - said Demet - I worked while my friends went to the movies. In this last period, I played characters of 20, 22, sometimes 18 years old and they allowed me to live as a little girl. (...) In general, I have always been seen as an intolerant person, but I have discovered how patient I really am with acting. (...) I also learned to be more open towards others, to express positive and negative things in a better way. Acting has actually taught me a lot".

Finally, Ozdemir talked about the impact she had after the move to Istanbul, which also gave her the chance to make a career and become the sweet Sanem of Daydreamer, which all viewers carry in their hearts.

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