Demet Özdemir is one of the actresses of the moment, thanks to the Turkish soap "Erkenci Kuş", known in Italy as "Daydreamer- The Wings of Dream", her popularity has risen considerably. In fact, the TV series has crossed the borders of Turkey to land in Italy, Spain, Greece, Israel, Romania, just a few countries where the series has been seen.

The beautiful Sanem of Daydreamer charmed a number of spectators in different parts of the world with her spontaneity and beauty. Her fame has also increased the number of her followers, her Instagram account has more than 11 million followers, and also on Facebook, there are more than 300 thousand people following her page.

The talent and the beauty of the actress are under everyone's eyes, and many have begun to be intrigued about her career and life. Demet is not only a good actress, she is also a talented dancer and a wonderful model, she has been an ambassador for several brands including "Pantene".

She is currently shooting the second season of the series, which is called "Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir" (My home is my destiny). Demet plays Zeynep who plays next to the actor, Ibrahim Celikkol, who is Mehdi on the soap.

We have discovered a lot about the actress's life through her social media, we know she loves her family, she has often posted pictures with her brother, sister, and mother, she likes animals, she introduced everyone to her new cat named Simba, she is very sporty and deeply loves to dance.

Thanks to the photos posted Demet has given the opportunity to her fans around the world to get to know her. In addition, through some photos posted by Demet fans were also fascinated by the house where the beautiful actress lives.