Demet Özdemir, her transformation in the series enchants fans

Demet Özdemir, her transformation in the series enchants fans

In Italy, the soap opera Daydreamer has reached unexpected heights of popularity, especially thanks to the two main actors, Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir.

Especially the beautiful actress who plays the character of Sanem Aydin, in addition to her skill, for the sympathy of her character has attracted the audience of the series for the outfits she wore in the different episodes. A truly colorful and charming look that has attracted a bit 'everyone.

During the many episodes that make up the television series ( in Italy in fact there are 152), the beautiful Sanem has been able to constantly reinvent her look. She goes from a very creative and boyish one, typical of the would-be writer, to a much more elegant one, when she wants to hit deep.

During the series many times parties and events are organized, where our beautiful protagonist can show off amazing clothes but tied to a very strict dress code. If you should find yourself in situations, such as those experienced by Sanem, take inspiration from the look of the protagonist of your favorite series.

Keep in mind that even when she uses very strong and bolder looks, she always wears very light makeup and reveals the most natural side of her face, focusing almost exclusively on her eyes.

The episodes that follow the beautiful Sanem will give the audience typical looks gypsy, which will give her a charming look but more wild and natural, the hair will be wavy and no longer straight and the makeup always not very showy. From a young intern and sporty girl to an elegant woman for special evenings up to a more gypsy look, the beautiful Sanem shows all her charm no matter the look chosen.

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