Demet Özdemir: I would like to be a mother but it won't be a forced decision.

Demet Özdemir: I would like to be a mother but it won't be a forced decision.

More sincere than ever. This is what Demet Özdemir has shown in her interview with the Italian television program 'Verissimo'. The actress, who has become a star in the Andean country thanks to the success of the series 'Erkenci kus', has confessed during the interview with the presenter Silvia Toffanin, to who she expressed her desire to be a mother. "I would like to be one but it is not a forced decision. One day I will be," said the actress who plays the lead role in Room 309, who still finds it difficult to imagine herself in that role. "I've often wondered what kind of mother I could be. I hope to be peaceful and calm," she explained while pointing out that she is currently single. "At the moment I have no one at my side.

In an interview with the successful Italian program, she also recalled her childhood. "As a child I was strange. I used to run away from home to pick up my older sister from school. During my childhood I was free, I used to climb trees... then I moved to Istanbul". That childhood in a small city helped her build her character of 'Erkenci Kus'. "I used that freedom to give life to Sanem. We are not the same, but similar. I don't know if I say everything that comes into my head, like her, who doesn't think about the consequences but we have the same strength.

Very attached to her family, her mother is her biggest support. "We are very close but we don't have the classic mother-daughter relationship. Sometimes I feel like her mother and ask her to send me messages when she comes home. She is the one who gave me the most courage and transmitted all of my strengths. If I'm here today it's also because of her and I think she's crying seeing me here," she said about her mother, who expected a very different future for her. "She wanted me to be a lawyer, it's true, but she never imposed it on me. When I was a child I wanted to be one too but life has put me on another path and my mother has always supported me.

After several months away from the recording sets because of the pandemic, Demet has resumed work and is already busy shooting the second season of 'Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir' with Ibrahim Celikkol. "Coming back after the confinement was difficult, but we have a feeling more and more alive", explained the actress who confessed that she had a hard time with the return. "I was afraid for my family and for the elderly. We are all a source of risk, so we have to be responsible".

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