Did Can Yaman hide something when he was on Verissimo ?

Did Can Yaman hide something when he was on Verissimo ?


The fans of Can Yaman who followed his interview on Saturday, October 10th, with " Verissimo", were obviously delighted! However, some websites (starting from " Free Quotidiano" which reported it!) have hypothesized that the actor has "hidden something"; something very little honorable and for which he has always defended himself, supported by his admirers: what is it? Let's find out immediately.

In recent months we have discovered that it hasn't been all roses and flowers in Can Yaman's career; not only obviously because of the effort he had to put in to become the star he is today, but also because he hasn't always gone all smoothly with his colleagues ( which is normal).

For example, during the shooting of the soap "Hangimiz Sevmedik" (which we can translate as "Who among us has never loved") back in 2016, he had a heated disagreement with the co-star, Selen Soyder, former Miss Turkey and then Miss World competitor.

The fight would have ended with Can throwing a glass of hot tea on Solen! The actress denounced him and he was charged with 12,000 euros!

He always defended himself, claiming that something was accidental after he threw the glass on the floor, but he did not believe it! Can, the very sweet, very sensitive and very polite Can, who, by the way, if he wasn't an actor, would be a lawyer, has a criminal record?

" Very true" but not exactly, one could be ironic, wanting to be caustic, but we are sure that the actor did not talk about that fact for very simple reasons that have nothing to do with mistrust: he was not asked; it's a story that happened in Turkey and so " it's does not concern us" and above all, it's a past story! Moreover, we can add that Selen was the one who was fired for the scandal that followed, not Can!

Verissimo interview with Can Yaman: lower-than-expected ratings

However, the website "Fashionsoaptv" reported that the episode of "Verissimo" with Can Yaman as a guest, as well as the episodes of "Daydreamer" that followed it, had slightly lower ratings than expected.

Last week, on Saturday, October 3, when it was leaked that the Turkish star would be there, "Daydreamer" was seen by 2,416,000 people with a 16.29% share; " Verissimo" by 2,462,000 with a 19.29% share. We will see on Saturday when Demet Ozdemir will be there!

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