Full interview of Demet Özdemir at Pantene event

Full interview of Demet Özdemir at Pantene event


Full interview of Demet Özdemir at Pantene event :

Would you shave your hair for a role?

D: Great question! Since I have a show that's going well right now I will consider those offers when a new project comes, but of course, I think an actor should be able to do everything for acting.

Is there a type of role you want...are you thinking of doing a plot twist?

D: My transition to the drama was a bit like that, for the viewers as well. For now, I am enjoying this; after this show ends I will surely embrace new dreams. For every actor, for me in particular, doing something different in every show and every project is very exciting and fun. I will think of how much of a plot twist will be.

Would you want to portray a serial killer? D: Why not, I think that would be very exciting. Even now, we're doing a very psychological project, it has twists and its drama is very heavy, but a woman as a serial killer would be great.

What do you take most care of during hard days, what are your good luck charms? D: Primarily my family, then my friends, then my work. These 3 are whom I give the most importance to whenever I say something about myself this never changed. Since we always stay strong for each other, my family and friends help me pull myself together when I need it and I help them the same way, I think I do, I am speaking on their behalf too.

Will you have a movie project? D: It's a surprise.

About Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir: D: We're going through a phase, we took a break, and we still haven't adapted yet but we are trying to get used to it slowly, the viewers too. Very interesting episodes are coming, I've worked on how to act those while reading. I'm sure it will get even better, we're working joyfully while taking care of ourselves, of course.

Do you dream of acting in theater? D: Yes, I started acting when I took theater lessons, before becoming a TV show actress I had my training but I never practiced it. I really want it but to actually work on it we need a long break. So I don't have it in mind for now in short term but in the long run, I really want it.

If you were to portray someone's life who would you want it to be? D: I don't know how would I turn out with the hair and makeup adjustments but I'd want to portray Turkan Soray's cinema world because they're classics. But there are many actors I can list whom I respect and would want to portray in movies.

So you went to Italy recently D: Yes, we tried to be very careful with every move since every place is going through the pandemic, I attended an audienceless show, I returned silently. I had my test done then I went there and came back. I wanted everything to proceed safely, but the affection there was really beautiful, even when I came back I followed it on social media since you know it Erkenci Kuş just started airing there so its effect is firing up all over again. I'm very happy. I wish for all of us, for all actors of our country, to live such excitements, and for me, I hope it continues too.

How were you received at the airport? D: There was no crowd and as I told you I wouldn't want it to be in this time because I was really afraid, my intention was to go there on my own, do what I had to do, and quickly come back. This airport talk has already been going on for like years, so I have already said my thoughts on that before.

You are very loved, you have a large fandom, are you afraid of losing this popularity in the future? D: Thank you, I'm not afraid of losing popularity but...if I wasn't loved [by fans] after all this time and you'd ask me how I feel about this then I'd be sad. But since I don't relate this [fan love] to popularity I can tell the difference between the two so the thing I am afraid of losing is the love of people and I think I pay a lot of attention to this when it comes to my lifestyle and the projects I choose.

Will you be sharing more dance videos? D: That'll continue, I'm coming, I will be back hopefully since I don't have much free time right now the rehearsals are very short, those videos you see take me 30 mins. So once our dizi filming settles and if I get longer breaks I will hopefully do even longer dancing videos.

Nowadays K-Pop videos are very popular, will you do one? D: Yes I will, that is a surprise too, everything is a surprise. I will do it with a friend this is a surprise too I am not giving away the name, you'll see it soon.

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