Is Daydreamer, Demet Ozdemir alias Sanem redone? Here are the photos

Is Daydreamer, Demet Ozdemir alias Sanem redone? Here are the photos

Demet Ozdemir, the sweet Sanem Aydin from Daydreamer, may have used cosmetic surgery and the photos show the theory of fans.

Demet Ozdemir charmed the Italian public with her beauty and spontaneity. The Turkish actress, who plays the aspiring Sanem Aydin alongside Can Yaman, in the Soap Daydreamer was accused of cosmetic surgery. On Instagram, some photos of Ozdemir appear to confirm the suspicion of Erkenci Kus fans.

Since Daydreamer landed on Canale5, viewers have learned to know and love Demet Ozdemir. In Soap, the beautiful Turkish actress plays the aspiring writer Sanem Aydin who, wanting to prove to her parents that she can be independent and follow her dream without marrying her family friend Muzo, decides to look for a job and finds herself an intern at Fikri Harika. Here, Sanem meets Can Divit, and the two fall madly in love and decide to live their love, despite the obstacles and sabotage by Erkenci Kus' evil Dark Ladies. Daydreamer fans immediately appreciated the naturalness and spontaneity of Demet, who followed Can Yaman in Italy and gave an interview to Silvia Toffanin for Verissimo. Now, however, it seems that Ozdemir is not as natural as she tries to appear.

Some Instagram users have looked into the past of the main character of Daydreamer, finding on the official profile of the actress an old photo from 2014. Comparing the shot with a more recent one, it seems to be evident that Demet has used cosmetic surgery. Nothing extreme of course, but Ozdemir's lips look much more fleshy and puffy. Fans of the actress have lashed out at the haters, claiming that the sweet Sanem has grown up and the makeup and perspective simply highlight her mouth more than old photos, taken by herself several years earlier when she couldn't yet know the secrets of the business. Whether it's remade or not, there's no denying that Demet is beautiful and her sunshine enhances her charm.

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