Kerem Bürsin: I am definitely not a golden boy

Kerem Bürsin: I am definitely not a golden boy

Six years have passed since our first meeting ...

F*ck! Wow!

Tell us what the years were like for you.

When I think about what I've been through, I feel like I've gained 20 years of experience. I guess I've changed a lot as a person and as an actor.

So what's changed?

I understood more clearly what will never change in my life; family, women's rights, career ... I was able to hold on to these more closely.

The backbone of my ethical values has become thicker and thicker. And now I ask "Why is this happening" instead of "Why is this happening to me".I realized this when I broke my spine the last summer.

For three months, I slept 16 hours each day.

How did you break your spine?

We caught a storm on the boat, the wave hit me. I fell on my back. Fear covered my whole body and I said, "Will I walk again?"

I remember taking something sharp and plunging it all over my body to see if I could feel it. The doctor said my nerve was two inches damaged. Otherwise, I might not be able to walk.

This taught me how well life is going. I had to sleep 16 hours by day for three months.

It must be very difficult ...

I said, "Good thing done". Because I started to trust the flow of life. When you try to control everything, you try to swim in a wave, but if you let yourself go with the flow of the wave, you see opportunities clearly.

I don't know if I was young

Do you have to be one of the most popular actors in Turkey?

I can't get out of bed in the morning and say "I'm popular". I'm always thinking about how I can be better as an actor and focus on the work ahead of me.

You said, "I don't want to be young". Aren't you already young?

My goal is not to be young. Even if I was young, I don't know, I'm not too interested. What does jön mean anyway? I'm an actor.

Do you not recognize that you are handsome?

There are many people who are more handsome than me. Also, my job and my concern are not really about being handsome.

Gentleman, sensitive and polite about women's rights ... You are like the golden boy of the world of cinema ...

I am certainly not a golden boy. It seems funny to me to show what should happen in the form as gimmicks. I grew up knowing that if there is any inequality, I should be against it...

Are you a naughty boy?

I don't think I'm too naughty. I guess I'm not ... I'm not, I'm not, I'm not. What does this question mean, Hakan (laughs)?

Does someone come into your life often?

Actually, you mean, "Are you with another woman every night?"



You are young, handsome, famous ... How much do you use them?

No. My friends use lines that start to say "If I were you," but it's not for me. Of course, it's good when it comes to flirting.

Who is the sexiest woman in the world?

My own sense of sensuality; self-confidence, standing on your feet... I believe that the more you are at peace with your inner world, it is reflected in your physique. There are many sexy women who fall into these categories.

Do you believe in love?

Puff ...

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