Kerem Bürsin:I believe one hundred percent in love

Kerem Bürsin:I believe one hundred percent in love


Do you believe in love?

Puff ...

Why do you do that?

I believe one hundred percent in love. But in such a fast-changing world, it's difficult. Love was easier in my grandmother's and grandfather's time.

However, as well as the opposite ...

In those days there was time for love. Now the problems are completely different. For example, I would look at the person I fell in love with and say, "Let's just leave everything and get on the plane.

Have you ever had a love like this?

No I didn't live. If I find it anyway ...

Is there a moment of love?


The mug with the letter "D" that you hold in the live broadcast you participated in during the quarantine really belonged to Demet Özdemir?

No. I don't know the meaning of "D. It could be Dilara or Didem, right (laughs)? Why was he called "Bunch" right away? We have friends in common with Demet, she's a great person, but there is no such thing.

You can't look at yourself on the screen ...

Yeah, I don't know why.

When you were an actor known for his dramatic roles, you stepped out of your comfort zone and started acting in a romantic comedy with 'You Play My Door' ... Also, it's a series that started in the summer. There are those who think that "summer dramas" are "soap bubbles". Did you think about it?

First of all, I don't like being cold, it's not easy to work in winter in these conditions. I find this view funny, there's nothing like it anywhere in the world. Things like "Game of Thrones" or "True Blood" also started in the summer.

Besides, there is the absurd view that "drama is not a comedy". I no longer want to follow rules and models.

Are you really funny?

People around me say I'm funny. Most of my friends would say, " Boy, let's drop the stupid drama, do some comedy. And yes okay, now I like to make fun of myself and show my funny face.

Is it true that you really fell in love with Hande Erçel?

No, we are both doing our job. I and Hande didn't know each other before. When you start working with such popular players you don't know, you think, "What am I gonna meet?"

But Hande surprised me a lot. She has strange energy on the set. We have very good harmony. There is great importance to the work Our team is like an extraordinary entertainment area.

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