Ozge Gurel talks about Ezgi of Bay Yanlis And talks about Can Yaman and fans

Ozge Gurel talks about Ezgi of Bay Yanlis And talks about Can Yaman and fans

Actress Ozge Gurel talks about her life as an actress, about Bay Yanlis series after the end, and her character "Ezgi": "innocent but crazy".

Bay Yanlis ended on October 3, 2020, but still does talk about it, especially on socials around the world. Impossible to believe that a brilliant series like Mr. Wrong does not have a second season!

The Turkish press can't help but talk more about the Bay Yanlis protagonists who saw the series end just 48 hours after the announcement of the second season.

In the hope that something will change about Bay Yanlis' destiny, we read what Ozge Gurel said about Bay Yanlis and her character "Ezgi" beyond her work as an actress at the Turkish portal cumhuriyet.

On the series Bay Yanlis, Ozge said: "This rhythm turns into a strange habit, especially when you start a new job, the adrenaline that continues during the preparation process until the work is on air and even the first episodes are very special and very fun for me. It was a road full of short stories but fun for me. Thank you very much to everyone whose support"

About how stressful being an actress is, shooting entire days, working a lot on the set, studying the script, and creating a credible character. 

"It's a set of things. There are good things and bad things, but what matters is how you perceive them. The hard parts are pleasant for me, that's what I feed on, I get curious about. You have that feeling of satisfaction at the end of all the difficulties. This is what counts".

And on her character in Bay Yanlis "Ezgi" a romantic girl who dreams of love and though she is sincere, independent, and determined. How did you work on this character?

"Ezgi amused me a lot because she was innocent but crazy. The cliché did not surrender to innocence. She has a sort of etiquette: what if she wants to get married if she doesn't? Here I built the character by removing the etiquette, but the story was short.

What gives a character to an actor?

"I think you buy a lot. I think your character first adds freedom to you because it's not you, you can go beyond the limits, you can fall, you can experience them and enjoy them. And you get a little bit closer to the knowledge of yourself, you learn with him what the character learns. You feel the feeling you know with the character, this is something else".

Did you get along with Can Yaman?

"Yes, we already knew each other and got along well. A fun partner open to your understanding".

We got to know you in Kiraz Mevsimi (Cherry Season - The season of the heart,..), and you became famous at a young age. Tell me about that feeling.

Fame is a word that finds meaning with your interpretation and I perceived it as one of the advantages of my work without embracing it much. It is very motivating to have people who love you without knowing you, who connect with your work and with you, but my luck is real with the character on the screen. People who want to get to know Özge and love her, this is a strong bond and this bond is crucial in so many good things that fame suddenly starts to mean something closer.

What do you dream about before you go to sleep?

Travel around the world on a boat, love elephants, walk in the rain in the Amazon jungle, and so on ... 

She also admits that she doesn't want to do theater but she is ready for new experiences because she loves acting and it is one of the things that gives her so much and motivates her every day. She admits that she is stubborn and does not give up easily: "If I fall I get up. I'm not in an amusement park I can fall". She also admits that she never gets bored because she is a person who always finds new stimuli in life.

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