The question about 'Burak Özçivit' that annoyed Neslihan Atagül

The question about 'Burak Özçivit' that annoyed Neslihan Atagül

According to the report of Tolga Aslan of Habertürk; The actor Kadir Doğulu and his wife Neslihan Atagül were reflected in the lenses in Karaköy yesterday.

Doğulu didn't leave his wife alone overnight, who launched a brand of clothing in which he was a face.

Doğulu, who talked to the press at the exit, said he was preparing a new series.

The journalists asked his wife, "If you get the offer, would you play with Burak Özçivit?".

Atagül commented on this:

What's this have to do with it, guys? You made up questions to ask questions, please! We met in such a short time and you asked the same questions. 

I am not satisfied with this at all. Sorry, but these last questions will drive you crazy. You are asking strange questions that have nothing to do with it.

Neslihan Atagül, who reportedly rejected the offer to participate in the film which depicts the life of Neslican Tay, who died last year, answered journalists' questions by saying the following:

No, we did not deny it. Something like this is not real. Nothing like that, I won't play. The offer came, but there was something I was not satisfied with, I said it professionally.

I said that I wouldn't feel good and that I wouldn't be very productive in this area, but I felt a strange awareness was being created here when the news came out. This work doesn't need to be prolonged any longer, it's not necessary.

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