Can Yaman helps victims of the earthquake in Izmir

Can Yaman helps victims of the earthquake in Izmir

The popular Turkish actor has decided to contribute money to cover the food needs for one month of 100 families affected by the earthquake.

This is not the first time that Can Yaman shows solidarity. He did this a year ago in two campaigns accompanied by his partner in Pájaro soñador, Demet Özdemir: the first was for children with leukemia and the second was to bring nature closer to children. Now he is demonstrating again his empathy with the neediest and, above all, his sensitivity towards his fellow citizens, contributing economic funds to help families affected by the serious earthquake in the Turkish city of Izmir. In addition, this donation coincides with another, destined to help a two-year-old child who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy.

The earthquake that took place in Izmir last Friday, October 30th, was of magnitude 7.0 and left more than 80 dead in Turkey, all of them in the mentioned locality except for a woman who drowned due to the small tidal wave provoked in Seferihisar. About twenty buildings collapsed and a thousand people were injured as a result. This earthquake originated between the Greek island of Samos and the coast of Asia Minor, affecting other countries such as Bulgaria, Greece, and Northern Macedonia.

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