Can Yaman returns to the set: IG photos with the green screen, Ozpetek comments with emoticons

Can Yaman returns to the set: IG photos with the green screen, Ozpetek comments with emoticons

Can Yaman is back on socials. Yesterday, November 24th, the famous actor published a picture in which he appears smiling in a suit and tie. At his side in the photo are also his two managers, Cüneyt Sayil and Ilker Bilgi. After weeks of silence Yaman, he returned to Instagram to make people talk about him with a rather cryptic post suggesting the return of the Turkish star on a set. Proof of this is the green background behind them. What will Can have to shoot? Fans are wondering what will be the next job for the actor after the announcement of the producer Faruk Turgut who a few weeks ago talked about two projects in progress for the interpreter of DayDreamer and Bitter Sweet.

No official communication has arrived, but the photo would prove that something is really boiling. Early was the reaction of Ferzan Ozpetek who commented with a series of emoticons.

Return to the set for Can Yaman, the post: 'The power of work'

Can Yaman's work commitments are divided. The new project in which he will take part has not yet been announced, but the actor enjoyed leaving the first clue on Instagram, after a few weeks of absence. The star of successful series such as Erkenci Kuş (DayDreamer) and Bay Yanlış has posted a photo in which he wears an elegant suit with his managers Cüneyt Sayil and Ilker Bilgi. Italian fans have speculated that it might be something to do with Italy.

In fact, if you look in detail at the image, there are the three colors of the Italian flag: the green of the green screen, the white of Bilgi's t-shirt and the red of Sayil's sweatshirt. This is just a theory of the public, but there is nothing official yet. Yaman accompanied the photo with the phrase "İş güç w/" which in Italian is referred to as "The power of work".

The green screen behind them is normally used to create special effects in movies and commercials. So, it could also be a photoshoot.

Ferzan Ozpetek comments on the post of Can Yaman with emoticons

The post published by Can Yaman on his Instagram profile got almost 600 thousand "like".

In the midst of the many fan reactions, a comment by Ferzan Ozpetek, a friend of the Turkish actor, stood out. The well-known director posted a series of emoticons in which he seems to compliment him on the picture. On the web there was some information about the set where Can was. It seems that Ayse Bayram, Bay Yanlis' make up artist, was also present. In Italy there are still rumors about Yaman's participation in the next edition of L'Isola dei Famosi, even if last week the journalist and TV author Gabriele Parpiglia denied the rumor on his website Giornalettismo. In Turkey, instead, it seems there are two projects waiting for the actor in 2021. According to previews provided by producer Faruk Turgut, one of the two would be a summer series.

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