Ozge Gurel new look: New haircut for new projects?

Ozge Gurel new look: New haircut for new projects?

We have always seen Ozge Gurel with very long hair but today in her Instagram profile stories she appeared with a new haircut.

A woman who cuts her hair is a woman who is about to change her life," said Coco Chanel. When it comes to changing looks in the entertainment world is often linked to a new working project. In the case of actors often linked to a new role in a film or TV series. In fact, as long as you are on the set it is strictly forbidden to change your look because you are playing a character with certain characteristics unless the script requires it!

Ozge did not change boyfriends, in fact in a recent interview she said she was as happy as ever with her current partner. So for you, this change of look could be related to a new script? Or simply like every woman only wanted to change for herself! We are waiting for news about the beautiful Turkish actress maybe from Ozge Gurel's social profile.

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