An astonishing number per episode for Can Yaman!

An astonishing number per episode for Can Yaman!

Can Yaman, who shines with the 'Erkenci Kuş' series, has signed with one of the leading production companies in Italy. The actor, who will star in the TV series 'Sandokan', will receive 100,000 Euros per episode!

The fate of some actors also changed as the Turkish TV series attracted great attention and appreciation in the world. One of them is Can Yaman, who is famous for his 'Early Bird' series.

Hundreds of fans welcomed Can at the airport when he went to Rome and Greece last year, and the police created a security corridor around the actor to protect him.

Filming of the TV series 'Sandokan' will begin in October 2021. Previously, the famous actor will enter a tight preparation camp. The 'Sandokan' character of the Italian people, which marked an era, will thus come to life with Can Yaman.

Can Yaman is on everyone's lips these days when he will star in the series 'Sandokan', where Lux Vide, one of the leading production companies in Italy, will begin shooting in early 2021 I wanted to learn the details of the work from me.
Can sign a contract as the leading actor in a 10-episode series. It will get 100 thousand Euros (925 thousand lira) per episode.

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