Bay Yanlis among the most searched TV series on Google in 2020

Bay Yanlis among the most searched TV series on Google in 2020

Bay Yanlis conquers Google: among the most searched series in Turkey in 2020.

Bay Yanlis is a Turkish TV series starring Can Yaman and Ozge Gurel that aired on Fox Turkey from June 26, 2020, to October 2, 2020. There are 14 episodes of about 2 hours.

It was a worldwide hit thanks to free streaming live TV on Fox's website. But mostly thanks to a permission-based YouTube channel that uploaded Bay Yanlis episodes within hours of airing on Fox.

All over the world, it was possible to watch the series in the original language. Initially, other Youtube channels were authorized that uploaded the episodes with subtitles in 12 different languages.

The videos have been removed because the series has been bought by many foreign TVs and TV streaming platforms that have acquired the rights. So it was no longer possible to upload Bay Yanlis episodes with subtitles.

Bay Yanlis: in the top 10 of the most searched TV series on Google

Google has every compiled a list of search trends that occurred in a year on the search motor. Every country in the world has a list of topics and keywords most frequently searched for by users. These categories generate a ranking of keywords searched on Google in a year. In Turkey, the category "Dizi" or TV series appears.

In this category (Dizi) appears in seventh place the series Bay Yanlis, suspended, according to the Turkish media, for low ratings on Fox. On this motivation, there are still, many... indeed too many, question marks. And now this Google-generated search ranking still fuels doubt about the real reason for the early shutdown. If Turks are Googling it, why aren't they watching it? Fair question! We are not talking about a world ranking but about a Google ranking generated by the searches that took place in Turkey.

The worldwide success of Bay Yanlis: broadcast in streaming and on TV channels.

We know the worldwide success of the series: seen in more than 80 countries in streaming video on Fox and on the official Youtube channel (where the first episode has exceeded one million views).

A success that has not gone unnoticed and today the series has been purchased by many TV channels and streaming TV channels. In Spain it is already being broadcast on Nova, in Hungary, it is being programmed by Life Tv, in Italy, it should arrive soon on Mediaset (we are waiting for the end of DayDreamer). Bay Yanlis has been broadcast on the main Arabic TV streaming platform.

Global Agency immediately bought the rights to take her to the MIPCOM and Canne series 2020 and also to the Produ Awards 2020 (one of the most famous competitions in Latin America).

And to think that the second season had been announced in the general enthusiasm had also been presented in a Fox commercial with lots of red carpet and promo.

Instead, then within a week, the final season ended with a finale that was, if anything, too hasty and a story left unfinished... especially that of the other Bay Yanlis characters.

I recommend watching this TV series for many reasons: the storyline, the excellent young and talented actors but especially for the role of women represented in the best way.

In a traditionalist country like Turkey to see independent, accomplished, and appreciated women is really an important message.

Given the streaming success of the TV series, many have hoped for interest from Netflix that it might produce the second season of Bay Yanlis. But for the moment all is silent. Despite the commitment of millions of fans of the series all over the world (including Italy) who have done everything possible to channel the interest of the big media on Bay Yanlis.

But after the sale to the Global Agency that promoted it around the world, this wonderful series Bay Yanlis is getting what it deserves: glory and approval!

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