Derya and Volkan: who they are and what Demet Özdemir's unknown brothers actually do

Derya and Volkan: who they are and what Demet Özdemir's unknown brothers actually do

Volkan and Derya. This is the name of Demet Özdemir's older brother and sister, with whom the actress has an excellent relationship. They were her first playmates and to this day they are still her references and a fundamental part of her life, as we have been able to see through their social networks. In fact, during the time that the actress was confined by the pandemic, she dedicated a beautiful message to her brother and sister. "I miss you so much," wrote the actress along with a picture of the three of them.

İzmiz is the city that saw the birth of the three Özdemir brothers. They spent the first years of their lives there until their parents divorced. The actress, who is the youngest of the three brothers, was then seven years old and left behind her life in this small city to live in Istanbul with her mother, Volkan, and Derya. But who are they and what do the actress's most popular Turkish brother and sister do?

Although Demet's fame has eclipsed Derya's career, it was the older of the Özdemir Sisters who led the way. As the protagonist of 'Erkeni Kus', she also began her career in the art world as a dancer and also achieved some popularity, as Demet herself commented in one of her first interviews. "My sister's star shone first. She met Mehmet Ali Erbil when she went to Istanbul as a spectator of 'Fortune Roulette'. Mehmet Ali saw my sister and said 'Your face is beautiful, you should join our agency Neşe Erbek'. My sister received her first offer a week after she joined the agency. My sister's first job was a magazine cover. Then an offer came for the video clip "İsyankar" by Mustafa Sandal," the actress said. 

At present, Derya has detached herself from the art world and is focused on her work as an artistic professional. Through her Instagram (which by the way has been privatized a few months ago and where she has more than 67,000 followers) we have been able to see her working as an aesthetician in a beauty center, where she herself performs treatments such as microblading or lip coloring.

Although Derya has chosen to stay away from the actress' fame (we hardly see her on her Instagram and she has privatized her profile), the same is not true of her brother Volkan. Gymnastics fanatic and father of a boy (almost a teenager already) whom Demet adores, the only boy in the family accompanies his little sister on many occasions and whenever the tight schedule of the actress allows it, they take advantage of it to spend some time together and show off the good tune they have with beautiful family pictures that we can see in both Demet's and her brother's profiles. 

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