Ferzan Özpetek film an advertisement with Can Yaman and the web explodes

Ferzan Özpetek film an advertisement with Can Yaman and the web explodes

The official announcement comes from Turkey: finally, the artistic union between Ferzan Özpetek and Can Yaman will take place on the set of a commercial for a well-known pasta brand. But the surprises for the fans are not finished..

If the news is confirmed ( but there are few doubts by now) many questions would be answered about Can Yaman's next arrival in Italy. Can Yaman, the most beloved actor of the soaps, who has broken every audience record on Canale 5 with his Daydreamer, will be returning to Italy in January to be directed by Ferzan Özpetek, the great master. A name that the fans of the actor, but also those of the director who is not to be missed, were hoping to see working together for a whole year now.

At first, however, things were unclear and, despite the clues, little was understood about this artistic union. Ferzan had never hidden his appreciation for the Turkish actor and during Can Yaman's last visit to Italy, the two met for lunch. This was something that sent fans from all over the world into a state of raptures. From Turkey to Greece and even from Israel came comments of happiness for the certainty that the talented actor of Daydreamer would certainly have a part in the director's next film based on his latest book, Come un respiro, published by Mondadori and currently at the top of the sales charts.

But no. This morning with news arrived directly from the Turkish press, it seems that Ferzan will direct Can Yaman in a commercial for a famous brand of pasta advertised until now by Claudia Gerini who will probably be his partner in the spot. But the news didn't end here. Always this morning on RTL 102,5 a bombshell is launched: Can Yaman, Luca Argentero, Elena Sofia Ricci, and a Lux Video manager will be guests on the radio to announce a collaboration. About this, however, there are no confirmations from the radio station about the actual presence of the guests. This clearly only increases everyone's curiosity, as today seems to be the day dedicated to the beloved Turkish actor's twists and turns. The only thing that is certain, at the moment, is that the two projects do not seem to be linked, despite the fact that both Argentero and above all the beautiful Elena Sofia Ricci are two of the actors that Ferzan loves very much.

Finally, there is another confirmation: on January 9th Can Yaman will be a guest on the first episode of "C'è Posta per te". And finally, since the actor is the protagonist of the Arabic, Chinese and Turkish game Pasha Fencer and has also become the leader Ambassador of Tudor, a worldwide brand of shirts, it seems that a soap all made in Italy is being prepared (the protagonist will also be Italian) which will see daylight in spring.

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