De Cecco new commercial with Can Yaman and Claudia Gerini directed by Ozpetek

De Cecco new commercial with Can Yaman and Claudia Gerini directed by Ozpetek


On social media the well-known Abruzzo brand De Cecco confirms a commercial, which will be shot in these days in Rome, starring the actress Claudia Gerini and the actor revelation of international cinema Can Yaman.

The commercial will have the theme of the social period we are living in: the difficulties in the midst of the pandemic. There will be a keen eye on the economic condition of restaurants that have been put to the test by these restrictions that have led to the closure of many catering businesses. So it will not be the classic spot focused on the family but also on the restaurant business in Italy. 

While in the previous commercials an attentive Claudia Gerini discovered production through a journey to discover the places where pasta is made, the new commercial should focus on consumption. Therefore not only private houses but, above all, catering activities. 

Of course, Director Ferzan Ozpetek will make the message that De Cecco will bring into the consumer's home in this brand new commercial poetic and socially conscious. Can Yaman will have a very special role even if at the moment the commercial has been defined but not revealed. And we know that Ferzan captures many nuances always making a breach in the heart of the viewers. 

There is talk of multiple commercials being aired over the next few months. So not a single spot but almost a story in episodes. The set will be protected by security and will be in full compliance with Covid regulations in Italy. We still don't know the locations chosen by Ferzan Ozpetek but we know how much he loves the heart of Rome and its neighborhoods that have become a second home for the director of Turkish origin. Certainly, the heart of Roman restaurants is Trastevere so it could be one of the open-air sets chosen for the De Cecco advertisement. 

Can Yaman will arrive in Rome today with a direct flight from Istanbul and will stay in Rome until January 12th. In fact, Can and Claudia will be filming a commercial for De Cecco these days. While the Turkish actor has an appointment set for January 11th with Lux Vide to define the terms of his contract as the protagonist in the new TV series Sandokan. He will dress the shoes of Sandokan as a debutant Kabir Bedi.

Can Yaman become the Malaysian tiger as well as a face of  Made in Italy thanks to the choice of De Cecco. 

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